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Lesser-known effects of PMS

Published on
18 Apr

An estimated 75% of AFABIs experience PMS. One-third of us get moderate to severe symptoms, which can significantly affect our day-to-day lives. These symptoms range from bloating and headaches to aggression, fatigue and anxiety.

For 3-8% of people, symptoms are so severe they can be classified as having PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, in which symptoms tend to be present for longer and to a more disabling degree. PMDD often includes more intense feelings of sadness, anger, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

The impacts of PMS and PMDD symptoms go beyond our minds and bodies. Whether it’s mild or severe, they can leave us tired, grumpy and emotionally drained, which can make everything from relationships to work, sex to studying, much harder. Here we run through a few of the lesser-known effects of these conditions, exploring areas of our lives that may be at the detriment of our PMS/PMDD without us even knowing it.

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