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Top 10 treatments for PMS/PMDD

Published on
25 Oct

PMS – also known as premenstrual syndrome – is the group of symptoms lots of us experience in the one/two weeks before our period. Common symptoms include mood swings, feeling upset or anxious, breast tenderness, changes in appetite, altered sex drive, bloating, confusion and generally feeling off-kilter. PMDD is often described as a much more severe form of PMS, with often debilitating psychological effects.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of options that can help ease our symptoms and allow us to go about daily life. It’s important to speak with a qualified healthcare provider who can give you professional advice and, together, you can work out what works best for you. This is particularly important if you’re experiencing PMDD, due to the severe and potentially life-threatening nature of this condition. These are 10 of the top treatments for PMS and PMDD, which include pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical options, as well as supplements.

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We are your go-to for all things PMS.
We are your go-to for all things PMS.
We are your go-to for all things PMS.

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